Nusbio using the 'APA 102 adapter extension' to control up 2 strips. Each strip has 10 LED powered from the USB.        The 'APA 102 adapter extension'.

The first things to know about RGB LED strip is that here are multiples standards. The 2 most popular are:
  • APA 102 also called DotStar which uses an SPI like protocol for communication is supported by Nusbio.
  • WS2812 with a b or not, also called NeoPixel will be supported via an extension coming in 2016. The WS2812 standard requires a feature called PWM (Pulse With Modulation) generally supported by micro-controllers.

  • You can power more LEDs by plugging an external 5 volt 2 or 4 amps power adapter into the extension.

  • Datasheet.

Source Code:


An APA 102 RGB LED strip has 4 connections
  • 5V (5 Volts or power)
  • Ground
  • DI - Data In
  • CI - Clock In
  • Connect Nusbio gpio 0, to CI
  • Connect Nusbio gpio 1, to DI
  • Connect Nusbio VCC (AKA Power or 5 Volts, The red dot), to the 5V of the strip
  • Connect Nusbio Ground (The black dot), to the Ground of the strip